Let’s get right to the point: as author hopefuls we need encouragement and we want it in a brief, concise and useful way, so as a content manager and former news reporter, I created writerwuv (as in love).
This site is not about rants that go on and on; rather, it offers links to legitimate advice so that all of you (and me) can maintain our journey to publication.
I won’t beat around the bush about what we need to do – that is, dig in – and treat this so-called hobby in the same way we do our day jobs: as professionals. To do that, we need to he honest with ourselves and put in the work in order to improve.
That said, here is what you will find on writerwuv in the days to come:
Links to legit writing advice sites by type of advice (some may offer fee-based info so beware of links linked to mine unless you want to go further)

Links to sites where you can practice writing and see examples

Links to agent research sites

Links to PW book deals because you need to keep up w/what’s selling

I will also list writing books I recommend, and authors whose work I admire and think are good examples to study.

If possible, I may interview agents/authors/editors willing to participate (as a news reporter I know the right questions to ask).
You’ll find an FAQ section listing answers to common writing questions.
I’m creating an Agent Hall of Fame honoring those who show us a kindness like helpful query feedback, twitter posts, or tips at a conference so send in your nominees!
And last but not least, a self-publishing section for all you go-it-aloners. I self-pubbed three books and although sales were not great I know how to create, block, design and post your book to look like the traditionals do.
You’re Not Alone is a monthly section I’m creating for pubbed authors to answer two (2) questions: 1) what’s the dumbest thing you did as a writer? and 2) what was the ‘ah ha’ moment that turned it around?
So I hope you enjoy writerwuv and find it useful. If you do, subscribe and tell your writer friends!